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My name is Louis Benowitz G.G., I execute CAD jewelry design, am the founder of LB Jewelry Design, Inc and have been in the jewelry business since 1980.  In September of 1983 I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America then located in Santa Monica, CA… #1.  I studied CAD jewelry design in 2004.  Starting with CAD jewelry design we deliver high quality renderings before any physical work begins.  Then we work directly with manufacturing partners featuring a high tech casting facility, 7 individual jewelers who focus on different aspects of custom jewelry production and several different platers and polishers to deliver high quality finished pieces.  We can take your jewelry design sketch, picture or custom jewelry idea to a virtual 3-D design and output the design into a castable wax model.

We will also oversee the complete process of casting the master model, pre-finishing, mold making, quantity casing, finishing, gemstone supply and finished product delivery.  Since I am semi retired only accepting fine jobs or quantity orders.  I have traveled the world and consistently bring fantastic gemstones and diamonds to the market at the best prices.  Sapphire, Alexandrite and Spinel from Sri Lanka, Ruby and Tourmaline from Madagascar and Thailand. While Tanzanite, Tsavorite and Chromium Tourmaline come from Arusha and Mombasa.  Of course diamonds from Antwerp.  I have successfully owned and managed fine jewelry stores, now semi-retired focus on fine jewelry design.


CAD jewelry design

CAD jewelry design

jewelry design


Need CAD jewelry designs? We take your logo, ideas, drawings or pictures and create finished fine custom jewelry designs to your specs.  We use Rhinoceros CAD software which is the best nurbs modeling program on the market.  Click here to learn about Rhino  Combine that powerful software with Matrix and we can make any design a 3-D reality.  After completion we email renderings for your approval before one dollar is wasted on fabrication.  We also supply all gemstones including diamonds, all varieties of natural colored stones and all different types of metals at the right price.


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There are several methods available.  The easiest is via email.  Simply email your jewelry design idea, logo and measurements ( click here to email ) to us.  If you are unsure, no problem, please send me an email including your sketch or picture and description arrives, we will agree on the details.  When the CAD work is finished renderings will be sent for your approval.  Whether your job is your own unique design, a fine platinum and diamond halo ring or a platinum and rose gold pendant with tsavorites and pink diamonds, your customer or board members will be amazed and delighted.

After the image is approved we then arrange to “grow” the wax jewelery model on a hi resolution solid wax modeling machine.  Unlike other processes like milling machines we are able to grow models that have undercuts, thin wires, beads and even hollow areas.  All this is done with the industries best detail and in solid wax for the best casting results.  The wax will be shipped to you for final inspection if needed.

After approval the wax model is then ready for the casting process.  We use precise digitally controlled electric burnout ovens.  No special burnout cycle is needed, our hi-res waxes provide porosity free, crisp and clean castings.  Using a magnetic barrel tumbler will pre-finish your casting.  If your jewelry design calls for multiple pieces our goldsmith will assemble and prepare the piece for the setter.  If you ordered stones from us we set those in the correct manner.  The jewelry is now ready for the finisher, probably the most important person in the shop.  He alone has the final important job of making it shine before you see it!


 jewelry cad designs

jewelry design

Jewelry Model Design


The prices will vary according to the complexity and size of your design.  Below is a good guideline.

CAD design services ………………. $ 75 per hour

Model output………………………… $ 10 – 14 per hour

Casting Flask Fee…………………….$ Fee based on quantity, size and complexity

Metal charge…………………………..$ based on current market price, color and karat

Setting and finishing fee based on complexity and quanitity.

Minimums apply, Volume and Trade discounts apply.

Please ( click here to email ) or call 213-629-1823 for prices.

Many people are now increasing sales by being able to bring jewelry designs to the market faster, reducing gemstone breakage with more accurate castings, make rapid design changes and reduce in-house development costs.

jewelry design

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Are you ready to begin!

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I will make sure you will be completely satisfied with your 3-D file or custom designed jewelry.

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