Cad Jewelry Pics

Below is a very small sampling of our CAD jewelry pics.  These CAD jewelry design pictures will give you a representation of what is possible using our jewelry design service.  There is a big difference between CAD jewelry pics that look nice versus CAD jewelry pics that are for actual production. 

See the below CAD renderings jewelry pieces that actually went through the jewelry production process.  Details like wall thickness, prong thickness and height, stone seats, tabs and slots for precise assembly of multiple parts are correct.  Factors like mold shrinkage, polishing loss, comfort during wear and durability should be considered.  Our design files are ready to print, cast, set and finish so you will have a successful jewelry design production.

We have successfully completed thousands of designs, from simple modern rings to complex award rings.  Whatever you have in mind, we can help bring it to life.

cad retro jewelry pic

cad retro jewelry design

modern take on a antique ring

Modern take on a antique ring

cad jewelry pic emerald earring

emerald and diamond earrings

diamond milgrain engagement ring

Diamond milgrain engagement ring

cad jewelry pic pendant design

cad pendant design

cad jewelry pic cross ring

cad cross ring

cad jewelry pic bypass ring

cad bypass ring

cad jewelry pic opal ring

cad opal ring

cad jewelry pic halo engagement ring

cad halo engagement ring

cad jewelry picture scultpured ring

cad sculptured ring

cad jewelry picture wedding band

cad wedding band

cad jewelry picture custom pendant

cad custom pendant

cad jewelry picture big ben pendant

cad big ben pendant

cad jewelry pic military jewelry

cad military jewelry

cad jewelry pic award jewelry design

cad award jewelry design

rp wax model

Our CAD jewelry designs suitable for rp wax model production





























Cad/Cam:  The future of production

Cad/Cam process has literally remade the jewelry industry in the past 15 years.  Before this amazing technology was invented and became affordable everything was done by hand.  Of course, doing work by hand is still a necessary part of the jewelry making process.  For most jewelry pieces cad (computer aided design) has revolutionized the process.  Much more accurate and smaller details can be achieved.  Completely symmetrical, or planned asymmetrical designs are both achievable more accurately with cad.

If all that is not enough, the cad file can be saved and used anytime in the future or modified to your hearts content for yet another design.